BGAI Software vs Genesis Mining – Make a good choice for 2020

BGAI Software vs Genesis Mining – Make a good choice for 2020

Want to know more about Genesis Mining? Surely yes! You have come to the right place

Maybe you have many questions about genesis mining, such as, is genesis minig legit ?, is there another option ?, how much money can I generate with cloud mining ?, I will try to answer these questions in this post.

BGAI Software is a company located in the United States with a trajectory of 4 years of experience, its concept is to offer mining through artificial intelligence, in which the client doesn´t need a powerful computer or hardware of some kind, it’s a cloud mining service.

Genesis Mining on the other hand offers mining through hardware, they own large mining farms, their service consists in renting you mining power, they also have a long time in the cryptocurrency market.

Because each company has its benefits and disadvantages, I would like to mention them below in a more detailed way.

Genesis Mining analysis

Genesis Mining is a company located in several continents, with a known trajectory in the world of cryptos, it is not known what its location is for security reasons.

They are experts in mining marketing and become well known through the web, which has allowed many users to reach the world.

Is Genesis Mining legit?

There is always a lot of concern in this bitcoin mining market, since in recent months there is often news about scams.

We don´t imply that Genesis Mining is one of these, however in reddit and some internet forums mention that some users have not received their generated payments and others say that they arrive very late, which causes some uncertainty.

Can you make money with Genesis Mining?

The earnings depend on the following:

  • The technology used for mining. Are unpredictable and we can not control them
  • The Bitcoin vs USD exchange rates
  • The mining difficulty
  • The Maintenance Fee (electricity, cooling, development, and servicing costs)
  • The time to take generate some profits mining
  • It has a permanence clause (I don’t like this)

In my conclusion this type of hardware rental platforms, are for people who like to invest in the long term, times of 6 months or a year, personally I like fast earnings, also has a very high minimum deposit compared to the capacity average of cryptocurrency users.

✅ Easy registration process ❌ They have your personal information
✅ Your mining outputs will be added to your account daily and automatically ❌ May appear not to be lucrative in the long run
✅ Freedom to trade between other cryptocurrencies ❌ Why change if bitcoin is the most profitable
✅ Good support service ❌ When communicating with them, you are not anonymous

BGAI Software analysis

They have developed the most powerful algorithm to mine Bitcoin at an unprecedented calculation speed.

They are superior to any blockchain supercomputing hardware. It´s performance is 100 times faster and more powerful than any mining hardware.

Is Bitcoin Generator with artificial Intelligence legit?

A good way to measure the degree of satisfaction and effectiveness of an internet service is through the reputation in social networks and forums, and BGAI has an excellent reputation, all comments are positive, there are good reviews, with a degree of satisfaction Almost perfect.

You can use it on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Os.

Is this page profitable to generate bitcoin?

Yes! This company is increasing its reputation due to the large profits it offers, many mention that the profits are received in their bitcoin wallet in a matter of about an hour. The investment cost is minimal.

✅ You don´t need to register ❌ You can only log in 3 times a day
✅ You receive the earnings in bitcoin 1 hour later in your wallet ❌ You don´t know how much you will generate, however, you always receive profits
✅ You can only generate bitcoin ❌ Deposit just in bitcoin
✅ Good support service and the investment price is cheap ❌ Support is via email, but they always answer

How to use BGAI Software?

Below I share the official tutorial to use this bitcoin miner service.


After this analysis, we can say that these two platforms are safe and have a good reputation, have years of experience in the cryptocurrency market.

We could see the benefits in the short and long term, it is only up to you to choose which path to choose, whether the BGAI Software cloud service or the Genesis Mining hashrate power rental.

What is clear is that the two save you great costs of doing the bitcoin mining on your own, investing in very high mining equipment. They save you the factor of having physical facilities.

Now you only have to choose which platform to use, I wish you the best in your choice and that you can generate money as you wish.


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